5 Crafts You Can Make Together on a Date

No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, you need to schedule regular dates together. Making time for dates helps the other person feel like a priority and gives you the opportunity to make memories together. If you’re both creative, you can make crafts together on a date. The following five crafts are a great way to get started.

Make Vision Boards About the Future

What do you dream about? What are your goals for the future? Grab a base like a poster board or a cork board and a pile of magazines with inspirational pictures and start putting together a vision board of those dreams and goals. You can do this early in a relationship to communicate future plans, like a dream job or where you hope to live. Experienced partners can do this at any point in the relationship to plot out home projects, family goals, or joint vacations.

Create a Scrapbook of Favorite Memories

Creating a scrapbook of favorite memories together will require some pictures, so this is best for couples who’ve been together longer. However, if you’ve had a few stellar dates with this person, you can still make a small scrapbook together. Print your favorite pictures and buy some fun paper decorations and a scrapbook or two. Spread out wherever you’re comfortable and put together two books so that you each have one or make one book to enjoy together.

Sketch a Personal Portrait of Your Date

Sketching is a great activity for outdoor dates with good lighting. Go on a walk, take a picnic, or just settle on your favorite bench. Bring some paper and a pencil along. You can take turns sketching a personal portrait of each other or try to sketch each other at the same time.

Melt and Pour Custom Candles

If you want to craft something more useful together, you can make custom candles. Find premade candle wax that you can easily melt in a microwave or on the stovetop. You can choose colored wax or buy wax colorants, such as dye or mica powder. Find or buy other additions as well, such as scented oils or dried flowers. After you melt the wax and mix everything in, pour it into a mold with a wick and wait for it to harden. Your date will need to return after the candle has hardened to retrieve their candle, but that’s a good thing. Now you get to see each other again!

Tie-Dye Clothes Together

Another useful but fun craft is tie-dyeing. You can use mica powder to tie-dye fabric as long as you have a good binder. Mica powder dye and other types of tie-dye work best on natural materials, so bring or buy clothes made from natural materials, such as cotton, for this crafty date. Once everything is ready, you can have fun twisting your clothes into a pattern and applying the dye. The clothes will have to sit until they’re dry, so you can leave them at one person’s house as an excuse to visit again.

These five crafts you can make together on a date are the start of creative dates for you and your partner. Experiment with other creative ideas, such as painting, pottery, cooking, flower arranging, and more, so you can make fun memories together.

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