5 Biggest Dating App Mistakes People Make

Whether you’re completely new to the dating scene or have been in the circuit for a while, dating can always come with challenges. You might feel like you will be lonely forever if you keep finding yourself striking out, but that isn’t the case. The issue could be a simple fix, as you might be making some of the biggest dating app mistakes people tend to make.

Distance Too Close

You could find the perfect partner within a 10-mile radius if you reside in a highly populated area. However, that isn’t the case for others living in sparsely populated areas. Setting your distance too close can cut you off from a wide range of potential partners.

That’s why you might be running into issues with dating, as there aren’t enough people immediately around you. Consider setting your distance farther, as this is one of the best dating tips for people living in rural communities.

No Photo Variety

One of the biggest dating app mistakes people make is not uploading a variety of photos. With dating apps, the first impression people receive of you occurs through your photos. Photos are a great opportunity to display your personality, interests, and hobbies, so try to include a range of pictures.

No Personal Bio

A profile with no bio provides no personability for you, which prompts people to swipe left. When you use dating apps, things can quickly feel electronic and lacking in a human connection. That’s why a personal bio showcasing a little bit of your personality can do wonders to increase your matches.

Simple Opener

Dating apps require you to catch the attention of someone you have found interest in. So a simple “hello” might not be enough to entice the other person to respond. As such, you should have exciting and eye-catching openers that are friendly and fun, prompting your match to engage in conversation.

Letting Things Fizzle

Things move fast in online dating, and you can easily lose a potential connection in the sea of people. As such, keeping the momentum going is a good idea. Try to plan a date within a week of connecting, as this provides enough time to get to know one another without letting things fizzle out.

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