4 Reasons To Consider a Courthouse Elopement

Getting engaged is an exciting step forward in your relationship. Unfortunately, wedding planning is stressful for many couples. You can cut out most of that stress with an elopement!

Eloping used to mean running away for a secret wedding ceremony; nowadays, we use the term to describe a small ceremony for newlyweds. Many are quickly planned after an engagement, or they are destination weddings. Still, there are no hard and fast rules. If you’re considering a courthouse elopement, weigh these four reasons and decide which is best for you.

Better for Your Budget

Courthouse elopements are much more budget-friendly than traditional weddings. Wedding venues can cost roughly $10,000, depending on the location and season. However, courthouses typically charge only a few hundred dollars for the ceremony and marriage license. If you want something a little more exciting, consider eloping to Las Vegas. The city has many small wedding venues for intimate romance!

Less Stressful

It can take around 6–18 months to plan a wedding, even with the help of a professional planner. The planning process requires many minute decisions, from the flowers to the cake flavor and wedding party outfits. If you want to focus more on your new marriage than the theatrics of the day, a courthouse elopement is for you.

You can decide what to wear to a courthouse ceremony based on what you like instead of what people expect. No flowers, five-tier cake, or mile-long guest list required! All you’ll have to plan is a call to the courthouse for availability and perhaps a dinner reservation to celebrate with your loved ones.

More Inclusive

Private venues reserve the right to choose who can marry there. This is especially prevalent with religious venues, which can require the happy couple to be practicing members of that religion or genders or sexualities that align with the venue’s religious beliefs. If you aren’t religious or heterosexual, your list of venues for a traditional wedding might be limited. In contrast, courthouses are inclusive. They are government property, and the federal government allows all couples to marry.

Quicker Process

As mentioned, weddings take time to plan. Also, the entire event itself is lengthy, often lasting six hours! For a courthouse ceremony, you can just call ahead and pick the day that works for you. Availability can vary based on the population of your area, but you could schedule your ceremony within a month. Courthouse ceremonies are quick since the ceremony takes about half an hour, and there’s no pressure for a reception afterward.

These four reasons to consider a courthouse elopement can help you decide whether a small ceremony is ideal for you and your partner. While there’s nothing wrong with a big wedding day, smaller events are often cheaper, easier, more inclusive, and faster.

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