Insights for Selecting the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

Bridal bouquets hold a special place in wedding imagery and tradition, symbolizing good luck and happiness for the couple. The sight and scent of the blooms can instill a sense of joy and comfort, and they complete the bridal look. Use our insights into styles, colors, and seasonal availability to select the perfect bridal bouquet.

Compare Bouquet Styles

Your bouquet should reflect your style and help you feel confident on your wedding day. For a balanced look, choose an arrangement that complements, rather than overwhelms, your wedding dress’s design.

Compare these popular bouquet styles that could match your personal taste and wedding aesthetic:

  • Classic round bouquet: Traditional and timeless, this style contains tightly arranged flowers, typically roses or peonies, formed into a perfect sphere.
  • Cascading bouquet: This style is characterized by a waterfall of flowers—like orchids, ivy, and lilies—that drapes down from the main bunch, offering a dramatic, sweeping aesthetic.
  • Hand-tied bouquet: This bouquet style gives a relaxed, just-picked look as though the flowers were gathered from a garden.
  • Posy bouquet: A small, round bouquet that’s easy to hold in one hand. This option is well-suited for petite brides or those opting for a simpler look.

Create a Mood Board

You can create a mood board including images of weddings, floral arrangements, and color palettes that you’re drawn to, which can provide a visual guideline for defining your style. For example, a mood board can help you plan a fairytale-themed wedding by allowing you to visualize the dreamy and magical aesthetic you desire.

As you fill your mood board, notice the patterns and similarities in your choices. These will help you articulate your preferred aesthetic to your florist or assist you in arranging your own homemade bouquet.

Preserving Your Bouquet Artfully

After investing substantial time and effort into creating a cohesive wedding theme, preserving your bridal bouquet can be a beautiful way to hold onto a piece of that special day. Consider preserving your dried flowers in resin art so you can display them in your home or wear them as jewelry. Flower resin art serves as a tangible memento of your wedding and allows you to admire the beauty of your carefully chosen flowers for years to come.

Consider the Season

Seasonality is another key factor when selecting your bridal bouquet. Out-of-season flowers, while still possible to source, may not have the same vibrancy and lushness as when they are in their prime season. Consequently, they could differ in size, color, and even overall appearance, which might affect the aesthetics of your bridal bouquet.

It’s also important to note that the cost of flowers can fluctuate depending on the time of year. Out-of-season flowers often come with a higher price tag due to the additional resources needed to grow and ship them. Planning your wedding and floral arrangements around the season can help you stay within your budget and make your wedding feel more in tune with the natural world.

Your bridal bouquet is a central and symbolic element of your wedding day. By comparing styles, complementing your wedding aesthetic, and choosing seasonal flowers, you can create a bouquet that enhances your bridal look and adds natural beauty to your celebration.

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