Advice for Couples When Cleaning the House Together

The dreaded day arrives when it’s time to deep clean the house. Mounds of laundry to fold, floors to sweep, and dishes to clean feel daunting. But, when you have your partner, shouldn’t cleaning be easier?

When you ask your partner to help you clean, and they give you a listless expression, it can make chores even more difficult. Poor attitudes and the lack of desire to clean escalate frustration and potential arguments.

Since cleaning is inevitable, it’s best to figure out how to do the chores as a team. Take this advice for couples when cleaning the house together to strengthen your relationship.

Avoid Raising Your Voice

A messy, cluttered house creates chaos. Anger rises, and people begin to shout. When cleaning becomes an argument, the chore becomes more challenging.

Everyone has chores they despise. Rather than raise your voice, sit down and have an honest conversation. Toss out all your feelings so that you can agree on the next step to take together.

Help Each Other With Best-Cleaning Practices

Couples become frustrated with one another when one person fails to clean items correctly. Add this topic to the conversation, as well.

Discuss how each of you cleans items and find out each other’s habits so that you’re on the same page about how to clean the house.

For example, there are various differences between hardwood and laminate flooring. You can’t use certain cleaning products on hardwood flooring. Therefore, you must discuss these things to avoid damaging the home.

Try To Make Cleaning a Fun Activity

When you both know it’s time for chores, there’s a way to boost both of your moods! Believe it or not, cleaning can be fun.

Tackle a dreaded task together. Put on some music that makes you want to sing until your throats are sore. Dance as you scrub the walls of the tub or wipe down the bathroom sink. The once intolerable chore now feels like a way to connect as a couple.

Remain patient with yourselves. This process won’t resolve itself overnight. Always communicate and stay honest. Over time, your relationship will grow, and cleaning the house together as a couple will become less of a chore.

At the end of the day, tell your partner, “Thank you.” It’s very important to say thank you in your relationship because it shows your partner respect. Cleaning isn’t always easy, so be sure to show your partner that you appreciate their efforts.

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