5 Conversation Prompts for a Second Date

Dating can feel like traversing a minefield sometimes. Even when you get past the jitteriness of a first date, you then have to plan and get through a second date. Don’t let nerves get the best of you! Second dates are a lot of fun because they provide an opportunity for you to get to know each other better. If you’re not sure what to talk about on the second date, try these five conversation prompts that will get you both talking.

Expand on a First Date Topic

During your first date, you learned a lot of basic information about your date and their life. Expand on one of those topics. Ask if anything interesting has happened at work, if they did something with their family, or if they had a fun experience somewhere lately. This not only shows you were paying attention during the first date, but it also shows an interest in their daily life. You’ll also have the opportunity to share any updates about your life since the first date, which is a great way to ease into this second date.

Talk About the Date Venue or Event

There are lots of great date ideas for every relationship stage that can help prompt conversation. Going on a walk together in a local park is a low-maintenance way to enjoy nature together. You can talk about plants or animals you see on your walk. If you want something more exciting, you can play a sport together. While some sports may not allow for conversation during the activity, you can talk about your performance and enjoyment of the sport afterward.

Ask About Hopes, Dreams, and Goals

People aren’t stagnant. The jobs, skills, and experiences we have now can change over time, and many people have hopes, dreams, and goals that they enjoy talking about. While this can feel a little too detailed for a first date, asking about those hopes, dreams, and goals is a great way to continue to get to know each other on a second date.

Create Fake Scenarios

If there’s a worrisome lull in the conversation and you’re not sure how to fill it, you can ask your date about fun fake scenarios. These will allow you to get to know them from a different perspective and can create a lot of laughs. Any fake scenario will do, but many people enjoy questions about how they would survive a zombie apocalypse and what items they would bring on a deserted island.

Learn About Important Beliefs

The success of one date should lead to another date. If you live your life according to certain beliefs, such as religious beliefs, that could change the success of future dates, you should discuss these factors when you feel comfortable doing so. For some people, that’s the second date. You can keep the conversation broad by discussing whether they have any religious beliefs at all or ask specific questions, such as whether they think colors have significance in the Bible.

These five conversation prompts can help you get talking on your second date. Give your date plenty of time to respond, and make sure you talk about yourself as well. Remember to relax and focus on the joys of getting to know a new person.

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