4 Helpful Tips for a Successful Virtual Date

Dating is challenging, whether it’s face-to-face or on a monitor screen. Virtual dates have hurdles you’ll need to navigate to have a great time with the person you’re interested in. Read on for tips to assist you on your virtual date and help you get a second one.

Tidy Up Anything That Will Appear on the Screen

Appearances are important on a date, and your background needs to look as neat as you. Virtual dates will have a smaller field of vision, but that view still needs to appear clean and put together.

An empty background is okay, but it may feel more like an interview on Zoom instead of a date. The room’s normal setup can let your date know more about your interests and what you like to have on display. First impressions aren’t everything, but they are important, so make sure the background is organized and put together.

Backup Plans Are Essential

It’s normal to have a preconceived notion of how the date will go, but no plan is perfect. You’ll need a backup plan when the evening begins to stray. Consider conversation topics, games, or fun activities you and your date will enjoy.

Have an interesting question ready that will restart the engagement during drops in conversation. If you planned a movie date and the streaming app doesn’t work, prepare another movie, show, or video you’re both interested in. Preparation is a helpful tip for a successful virtual date and ensures you won’t fumble through the get-together without a solid plan.

Have a Reliable Setup

The Internet is a wonderful source that allows us to connect to people over virtual calls, but even the Wi-Fi has bad days. Create a reliable setup for your virtual connection that won’t drop in signal strength and cause your screen to freeze mid-sentence, leaving you with an unflattering face.

The benefits of a wired Internet connection will give you a fast, stable connection with minimal traffic. The date may already have your nerves at a maximum, and you don’t need something as trivial as a spotty Internet connection getting in the way of making a quality human connection.

Remember: They’re Probably Nervous Too

It’s important to remember that your date is just as nervous as you, if not more. The challenges of the dating world create anxiety and distress on top of the regular insecurities people may have. Being nervous is perfectly understandable, and your date most likely feels the same way.

They’ll probably want the date to go as well as you do, and you both may go through the same mental gymnastics of making yourself look impressive. This similarity in emotion is a common ground where you will find your footing to help yourself have a successful date. You don’t want your nervous energy to disrupt the evening. If possible, do something to relax before you get online to feel more comfortable on your first date.

Dating isn’t easy, especially online, where the scene differs from a dinner date at a restaurant. Use these tips to help you navigate your virtual date and ensure you both have a fun time together, hopefully leading to future dates!

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