How To Host a Home Date in Your Living Room

The world often pressures people to date a certain way. If you’re not going out and spending lots of money, many people don’t think it’s officially a date. There is no perfect way to date, though. What works for one couple may not work for another, and that’s okay. No matter where you are in your dating journey, if you feel more comfortable with a home date in your living room, then that’s what you should do. Keep reading to learn how to host a home date and have a great evening together.

Clean and Organize Early

While hosting a home date is all about feeling comfortable and showing your authentic self, you do need to clean and organize your space. A new person is coming into this space, and they shouldn’t trip over your extra shoes or spend ten minutes looking for some tissues. Clean your space so your guest can easily navigate through and keep necessities close. If you always keep some necessities, such as tissues, in a specific spot that a guest may not know, tell them where the item is at the beginning of the date. That way, you don’t have to stop to clarify, allowing you to just enjoy your time together.

Choose an Activity

Doing an activity together can often help spur conversation and allow you to see a new side of your date. Choose an activity that you can both enjoy or that you’re both willing to learn. For example, if your date has previously mentioned that they enjoy making art, then gather the right supplies so you can make art together. You can set timers and challenge each other to draw or paint something in a specific amount of time or create art together. You can also try switching papers or canvases every few minutes, so you both leave with something unique. There is no right or wrong activity for your home date as long as you’re having a good time.

Plan Some Down Time

Activities are a great way to have fun together, but part of dating is making time to talk and listen to each other too. Plan some downtime for earnest conversations and maybe even some cuddles. If you’ve already created a cozy living room space, then settle down with some blankets in your designated intimate area. If you don’t have a designated intimate area, you can make one ahead of time, or the two of you can settle wherever you feel comfortable in the room. This will help you end the date by allowing you to relax together, which is the entire point of hosting a home date in your living room.

Date nights at home are just as pleasant and fun as going out and doing something together. Make sure to include the other person in the planning so they feel just as comfortable in your home as you do.

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