Personal Holiday Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Love

Do you need some gift ideas for your girlfriend but are not interested in the cliché couples’ gifts? Here are some personal holiday gifts your girlfriend will love.

Wireless Headphones

If your girl listens to music everywhere she goes, upgrade her listening experience with some nice wireless headphones. Over-ear headphones are more comfortable to wear for long periods, are better for her hearing, and generally sound better than earbuds.

Wireless headphones are a great choice because they won’t get caught as she’s moving around. For an extra special touch, look into noise-canceling or bass-boosting options.

Art Supplies

Art supplies are a great gift because they’re expensive but bring lots of joy. However, don’t buy the first bulk “art supplies” kit you see. Many artists are very particular about which supplies they use.

First, you’ll need to know her medium. A “medium” refers to a style of art and the materials used for it. This could include ceramics, watercolor, charcoal, oil paint, acrylic paint, etc.

This will give you necessary guidance for purchasing art supplies—great gifts for a painter who works with acrylic include brushes (made for acrylic paint), mediums to mix into paints (these give the paint a different texture), or more paint. Keep in mind her preferred brand.

Don’t buy your painter girlfriend a sketchbook and pencil set, unless you’ve seen her sketching in one before. Conversely, an artist who works with graphite or charcoal would love a sketchbook and new charcoal but find paintbrushes a bit useless.

A National Park Checklist

This is a great gift for outdoorsy girls. A national park checklist is a map and list of all the national parks so that she can check off which ones she’s visited. Maybe you two can plan to visit the next one together.

Bookish Merch

If you’re dating a reader, the most obvious option is to get her books. But if you’re not sure which one she’s interested in and hasn’t already read, or if she usually gets her books from the library, there is another option.

You probably already know what her favorite book series is—if the fandom is big enough, there is likely merch being sold for it by small businesses. Great options include fandom shirts, tote bags, bookmarks, and mugs.

Another great option is to buy her a hardcover or collectible edition of the book series, especially if she doesn’t own the books yet!

A Great Pair of Boots

Every girl needs a great pair of boots. Tailoring this to her style is a great way to make this gift more personal. Girls who love streetwear or alternative fashion might love a pair of Doc Martens. If you’re dating a cowgirl, we’ve got a list of women’s western boots she’ll want right here.

Giving your girlfriend personal gifts she’ll love doesn’t have to be impossible! Just focus on her hobbies and be thoughtful. If you’re still doubting your gift-giving abilities, check out this list of tips for making gift giving less difficult.

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