What To Do When Your Partner Is a Hot Sleeper

When you become romantically involved with someone, you feel on top of the world and filled to the brim with excitement. It can be so fun to get to know your partner better as you uncover their little quirks and habits. While having a romantic partner is certainly something to celebrate, you might run into a slight issue if your partner is more on the sweaty side. However, you can resolve this concern in a variety of ways; find out what to do when your partner is a hot sleeper.

Bringing It Up

If you haven’t already spoken about it together, you might feel extremely hesitant to bring this issue up with your partner. It’s certainly understandable to feel apprehensive as you don’t know how they will react. However, it’s important to keep in mind that one of the top characteristics of a healthy relationship is having clear and honest communication. As such, the best thing you can do is approach the conversation honestly and with respect.

Dynamic Linens

One of the biggest challenges of having a partner who is a hot sleeper is ensuring both parties remain comfortable throughout the night. No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night shivering or sweating. As such, you might consider bamboo sheets to keep you warm in cold weather for those times your partner cranks down the AC. Bamboo fibers have thermoregulating properties that are breathable for your partner, while also keeping your body insulated and cozy.

Personal Fan

Most people who run hot when they sleep will likely utilize an overhead fan to keep them cool during the night. However, that fan running all night might soon become an uncomfortable nuisance to you as you might wake up with a sore throat. One way to settle this issue is to purchase a personal fan for your partner that can remain solely on them. Most personal fans are tiny and have a clip that allows you to adhere it to a bedside table and easily maneuver it, so it doesn’t reach you at all.

Sharing a bed with a hot sleeper can be annoying at times, but if you want the relationship to go the distance, you need to be a supportive partner and look for solutions together. Best of luck!

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