Tips for Making a Good Impression on a First Date

Many people feel heightened emotions, like curiosity and excitement, before a first date. It can feel overwhelming to put your best foot forward.

Fortunately, thoughtful effort will go a long way in creating a positive experience for you and your partner. Make date prep easier with these tips for making a good impression on a first date.

Be Yourself

Being authentic on a first date will ensure that you attract someone genuinely interested in you rather than a façade of yourself. Balance your efforts to impress your date with an accurate portrayal of your personality, goals, interests, and beliefs.

You don’t need to portray every aspect of yourself on the first date. Instead, think about two or three things you would like your partner to know about you, then highlight those characteristics in your interactions.

Pay Attention to Hygiene and Cleanliness

Cleanliness will make your date feel comfortable and welcome. Look your best by wearing clean clothes free of wrinkles. Groom your hair, clean your skin, and trim your nails for an attractive appearance.

Also, drink plenty of water, brush your teeth, and avoid eating garlic, onions, and alcohol to eliminate bad breath.

Clean Your Car

Personal hygiene isn’t the only form of cleanliness. One easily overlooked task before a first date is cleaning your car. Whether your date gets inside your car or not, if they get near the car and see a mess, it can be a major turn-off.

If you’re picking up your date or might drive them around at some point, detailing your car is a great idea. You can detail your car at home for a cost-effective treatment that cleans the exterior and interior.

Engage in Conversation

Another important tip for making a good impression on a first date is to engage in conversation, which means being an attentive speaker and listener. Avoid interrupting your date; if this happens, bring the conversation back to what they were saying. Respond directly to what they say with open-ended questions or your own stories.

In most cases, conversation on the first date is more lighthearted. But if your date says something you disagree with, maintain a cordial attitude by speaking with a normal tone and avoiding personal attacks.

If you don’t have the smoothest conversations on the first date, that’s OK! Some nerves will wear off, and you can explore interesting conversation topics on your second date.

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