Mistakes You Should Avoid on a First Date

Going on dates is not easy, especially the first date. There’s a lot at stake when you decide to open yourself up to a person you barely know.

You need to give a good first impression, but you don’t want to overwhelm them with too much information either. You want to go on more dates in the future if you feel a spark, but that chemistry won’t emerge if you make any of these first-date mistakes you should avoid.

Make a lasting impact on this person and take things to the next level when you know how to make your first date a good one.

Failing To Pay Attention

One of the biggest mistakes you desperately need to avoid on a first date is failing to pay attention to your date. Don’t ruin the vibes by shifting the conversation to something irrelevant about your past relationships or looking at your phone. You need to show the person across the table that you’re interested in them if you want a second date.

Try to make eye contact, listen, engage in the conversation, and keep things moving instead of going into weird, tangent conversations with no purpose. Depending on the atmosphere of the date location, it can be hard to pay as much attention as you should, so consider this when planning a destination. A restaurant or little art workshop is great, while a loud concert venue or club can make paying attention almost impossible.

Forgetting About Safety

You’ll be looking at and paying your date a lot of attention. Though these two actions can result in a successful date, they shouldn’t come at the expense of your or your date’s safety. For example, you should focus on controlling the vehicle if you’re driving and your date is in the passenger seat.

The same goes for riding on a motorcycle together. You must understand the dos and don’ts of riding a motorcycle with a passenger to keep you both safe. In addition to driving, think about safety when crossing the street, interacting with strangers, and eating food. Always remember to chew your food completely—you wouldn’t want to choke in front of your date.

Lying on Your Dating App Profile

Another big mistake you can make before even going on a date is lying on your dating app profile. Lying is one of the biggest dating app mistakes people make because if you persuade your date to go out with you under pretenses, things will not go well. Instead of using old pictures that don’t look like you anymore or lying about your interests, be authentically you. You want people to date you for who you are, not who you aren’t.

You must avoid these first-date mistakes if you want the best chance at finding love. The first date is the best time to show who you are and what you’re made of, and the same goes for the other person. You must ensure every other variable of the date goes smoothly if you want to discover whether the two of you have chemistry.

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