Why Going to a Basketball Game Is the Perfect First Date

Finding something to do for a first date can twist your mind into a pretzel. You want to do something nice, fun, and comfortable, yet finding something that fits those categories can be an inner struggle. One such date idea checks those boxes—going to a basketball game. Let’s go over why going to a basketball game is the perfect first date to see if it’s a good fit for the both of you.

Less Formal

There are several fun and romantic first date ideas, but that may not be everyone else’s jam. Casual first dates are best for being true to yourself, whereas formal first dates might paint you as someone you’re not. Going to a basketball game requires no special attire—unless you want to paint your face to support the team.

Surrounded by Thousands of People

Intimate settings can be intimidating, particularly on a first date. Time feels like it’s at a standstill when things aren’t going according to plan, and there’s nowhere to hide. When you’re at a basketball game, you’re there with tens of thousands of people, so there is nowhere near as much pressure as there would be at a table in a romantic setting. Finding a happy medium between something comfortable and fun is the perfect solution, making a basketball game a worthwhile option.

It’s Different

It almost feels like there is a template that many first-date goers rely on. Dinner, a movie, and a cup of coffee are the tried and true methods, although it can pay off to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd. A basketball game is an entirely different setting that’s a blast, even if you know nothing about the game. And if you’re lucky enough to know the ins and out of the sport, you can even look at the odds of the NBA game to have a rooting interest.

Open Season for Conversation

A part of why dinner and a movie don’t make the best first date is because a movie requires you to sit in silence for a few hours, assuming it’s not the newest Marvel movie, or else that would make it three hours. The only negative about chit-chatting at a basketball game is the possibility of raising your voice to speak over the raucous crowd. Nevertheless, the conversation can continue through the game, as there will always be something to discuss.

Typically Quick

Let’s pretend you’re a much bigger football fan than you are of the roundball. While attending an NFL game would tickle your fancy more, you have to consider that an NFL game is possibly a three-to-four-hour commitment. A basketball game is undoubtedly the quickest of the major four sports, with an average game lasting a hint over two hours. Overtime and endless timeouts under two minutes can prolong that process, but generally, you’ll get out of there quickly.

Before discounting the notion of going to the arena, you should remember why going to a basketball game is the perfect first date. Plus, you will always have somewhere to go for your first date anniversary!

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